Theska at the fair in Milan

The Milan Fair is undoubtedly one of the most important interior design events in Europe. Over a thousand exhibitors from around the world, the world\'s largest brands, almost half a million visitors.

The organization of the exhibition involves regional authorities together with the mayor of Milan, and the fair itself is accompanied by the Milan Design Week during which everyone can take part in meetings with designers, creative events, exhibitions, shows and concerts organized in various places such as the Palace of Sforza or Piazza del Duomo .

The Amore bench installation at the Sforza Palace is another amazing project expressing the philosophy of a world that becomes an element of design and materializes in things that convey a message. Amore is a love of color, original design and unexpected shapes.

Another interesting DDN event is the premiere of a new place on the set of Milan. This is the concept of The Manzoni restaurant and exhibition salon prepared by British designer Tom Dixon. The Manzoni is primarily a platform for studio projects. You can see and experience live projects here. We had the pleasure to visit this industrial concrete interior is filled with luxurious products that beautifully contrast with the severity of the walls and floors.

We also had the pleasure to participate in the show at the Sforza Palace within the framework of DDN Phutura. DDN Phutura is an exhibition of contemporary housing and interior design solutions showing the relationship between man and his surroundings using the latest innovative technologies. During the day, visitors could participate in conferences, lectures and shows related to the culture of design, while in the evening artistic performances and light shows took place here. Visitors could learn about many innovative solutions, for example glamping - it is a cluster of English words \"glam\" and \"camping\" meaning luxury camping, i.e. in a convenient place and often with the addition of hotel services. This is an innovative type of eco-living rest, which is gaining popularity. The concept of mobile homes, modular homes that can be modified depending on the needs (modern luxury summer houses equipped with modern technologies) refers to relaxation on luxury yachts. Their interiors are comfortably furnished, finished with the best materials such as steel, glass, natural wood. It\'s full harmony with the natural environment.