Ideas & Inspirations

In decorative accessories, the most important is their function - to bring a pleasant atmosphere to the room. The most beautiful interiors without stylish accessories are empty. Which products should you choose?

The end of summer is a perfect opportunity to remind you of a very fashionable marine style. The dominant colors in this style are white and blue. However, we can often see accessories in shades of brown. Original furniture in various forms, handmade tables and shelves, brass and stone sculptures - all this will perfectly decorate the interior of a house or apartment. The ideas of designers from around the world for designer interior accessories surprise not only with their form, but also with the material from which they are made. When traveling around foreign countries, it is worth visiting several galleries or local shops while visiting. In addition to standard souvenirs, you can come across extremely original furniture and interior decorations saturated with local influences and culture, which will not only remind us of sunny moments, but also beautifully decorate our interior. Below are some examples from the Croatian coast of Istria.