Trends & Design

Responding to the needs of our clients, we decided to be even closer to be able to implement the most beautiful private and commercial interiors together. For this need, we founded Theska Deutschland, which will represent the brand on the German market. Theska Store is a platform for presenting unique Polish products, concepts and the latest interior trends.

Sustainable development is a balance between economic growth and technological development and the protection of the environment and natural resources for future generations. It also means taking care of human life, harmony between work and family life, ensuring quality of life and health protection through valuable food and physical activity in accordance with the work-life-balance philosophy.

The small size makes it worth sticking to a specific style to maintain consistency and visual comfort. In a small space, it\'s worth taking care of every detail and choosing accessories wisely. Uniform surfaces will look most favorable. It is therefore worth choosing one color for the walls and floor, so as not to divide the space.

The world situation has called into question the deliveries from distant ends of the world and mass production. Environmental pollution caused by global industry threatens the existence of our planet and humanity. Therefore, it is worth asking the question whether excessive consumerism prevailing nowadays, as well as the quality of products and their rapid consumption is the path we should follow. The prevailing pandemic caused by, as many specialists indicate, insufficient hygiene and lack of compliance with safety rules should reassure us that it is time to change our minds. Thinking about the global economy, about the environment and finally about the quality of people\'s lives.