It is worth supporting local brands

In the current crisis, local thinking is of particular importance. Local companies have greater opportunities to service the immediate surroundings, but also provide products quickly and efficiently. Product knowledge combined with high quality gives these local brands a potential that cannot be overestimated.

The world situation has called into question the deliveries from distant ends of the world and mass production. Environmental pollution caused by global industry threatens the existence of our planet and humanity. Therefore, it is worth asking the question whether excessive consumerism prevailing nowadays, as well as the quality of products and their rapid consumption is the path we should follow. The prevailing pandemic caused by, as many specialists indicate, insufficient hygiene and lack of compliance with safety rules should reassure us that it is time to change our minds. Thinking about the global economy, about the environment and finally about the quality of people\'s lives.

It seems reasonable to return to our roots, to the values ​​that have accompanied us for centuries. Once people respected the environment because they derived from it the food and resources necessary for life. They valued manual work and skills because they ensured survival. Of course, today\'s civilization development allows us to use advanced technological solutions - mass production, processed ready-to-eat food, availability of all products practically "on the spot". But are all of the available options good for us and for future generations? Can we use these opportunities in the right way?

Looking at global warming, extinction of animals, civilization diseases, which are increasingly affecting people around the world, we should think about how to use solutions that give us civilization progress, without ruining our health and the environment. For the sake of the environment, for example, you can reduce the scale of movement and consumption of raw materials by shopping online. This is a great way to learn as much as possible about products, compare them with others and make an informed choice. A conscious choice means purchasing a product that meets our needs. Thanks to this, there is a chance that such an item will stay with us for longer. In this way we limit excessive production. By choosing valuable products, solidly made and at the same time having aesthetic values, we limit the consumption of natural resources, we care about the environment, but we also ensure comfort in our homes. Thanks to such wise choices, we also support local brands that create handmade interior products with respect for the environment. These entrepreneurs also give work to local designers, supporting their development. This is an excellent model for social behavior.

We live in Europe, which for centuries has been a place of development of many cultures, science and traditions. The unique products and projects that have been created here have enabled further development of local communities. It was thanks to mutual support and trade exchange that we could reach a standard of living that is far better than what we can observe on other continents. This economically strengthens the foundations of existence of the entire European community. Polish companies are part of this community. Although other, unique, creating products that often draw on the local tradition are still based on common European roots. By supporting local business, we build a better tomorrow for future generations. We consolidate our tradition and culture that makes us proud. Looking at the beautiful projects that surround us, we can be proud that we are part of it.