Sustainable development is a balance between economic growth and technological development and the protection of the environment and natural resources for future generations. It also means taking care of human life, harmony between work and family life, ensuring quality of life and health protection through valuable food and physical activity in accordance with the work-life-balance philosophy.

We are currently struggling with the problem of excessive amounts of garbage in the world. This is the result of excessive consumerism. We invest in cheap, low quality products. Cheap, so it\'s easy to throw them away when they break or just stop enjoying us. Designers, however, are increasingly focusing on valuable products, showing the possibilities of reusing them when time gets their way. The new life of the product is not only a new version of high-quality items in the new edition, but also the reduction of excessive use of natural resources.

According to this philosophy, we have three dominant slogans: REUSE (reuse), REDUCE (reduction of natural resources consumption), RECYCLE (reprocessing). It is worth investing in beautiful, luxurious and designer high-quality products that will serve us for many years and which can be recycled.

Theska also wants to support sustainable initiatives that guarantee beauty and style without harmful consequences for nature and the environment. Innovative experiments with materials, cooperation of designers and producers in creating unique items using new materials for production, based on recycling, alternative technologies and a good balanced approach to development and economic growth are just some of the new trends. Consumer awareness also increases, and thus the desire to buy valuable products created from natural materials such as seagrass, wood, stone. Limiting the use in the production of plasticizers and plastic is a trend that we will support.