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Coffee table OS004


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223,30 €

Coffee table. Material: oak mosaic. Features: oak herringbone. Dimensions: 24x40x70 cm. Delivery time: 14 business days.

Coffee table. Material: oak mosaic. Features: oak herringbone. Dimensions: 24x40x70 cm. Duration: 14 business days.

Hand-made coffee table, dark oak mosaic countertop, supported on a light, high steel frame. Perfect for the hall, living room and bedroom. The table fits beautifully with the OS003 coffee table.

It will find itself both in Scandinavian, cozy interiors, as well as slightly more industrial, loft climates.

Coffee tables from Polish designers now available online at

Auxiliary coffee table in a modern style is a perfect proposition for lovers of good design and practical use. A small wooden table top is enough to put a cup of tea or coffee, a book, glasses or a telephone on it. The functional design means that the table will always be comfortable at hand. Small dimensions ensure its lightness and ease of carrying.

Composition Wood oak
Size 24 x 40 x 70 cm
Weight 4 kg

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