How to decorate your interior in Japandi style?
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What is it Japandi style characterized by?


Japandi style is an interior design trend that appeared on the market relatively recently. It combines elements ofScandinavian andJapanese aesthetics. It is minimalist, functional and warm. He draws geometric shapes and simple forms from Asian minimalism. From theScandinavian style, it borrows simplicity, natural raw materials, subdued forms and love for nature. Key element is also bright and warm interior lighting. It allows you to get the effect of a simple and at the sametime cozy decor.


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How to decorate the interior in this style?


It is important to choose a maximum of three conductive colors. These can be shades of beige, white, brown or gray. The number of additions is reduced in favor of good quality low furniture. A love of nature and respect for old objects is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Therefore, one should choose furniture that will serve us forman years. They should have simple shapes, and wooden elements will add elegance and a warm look to the interior. As additives, you can use decorative ceramics, and above all, a large number of plants.

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What accessories to choose while decorating in Japandi style?

Classic for this style is the use of dried flowers, branches or plant arrangements in ceramic or clay vases. When Choosing fabrics for the table or for curtains, it is best to choose those of natural origin, such as linen or cotton. Also, the lighting should be muted and in a uniform color. Floor lighting can also be used, which gives the interior a climatic, warm appearance. Theska store online store offers original floor and wall hanging lamps that perfectly match the Japandi style. Each lamp can be finished in any color, including earthy colors.

Mirrors are closely associated with the Scandinavianstyle, due to which they are transferred to the japandi style. A Large mirror, not only will not disturb the harmony of the decor but also reflect the incoming light and make the interior seem more spacious. Mirrors in organic shapes, with irregular shapes and in many colors to choose from are also very fashionable nowadays.


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