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Banana Flow poster


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12,10 €

Banana Flow graphic (size:21x30 cm). Production time: two workdays. Order the poster in a small size and enjoy the beautiful wall decoration! Universal size poster. The poster is sold without a frame.

It's a graphic interpretation of a banana theme that fits into modern interiors. Simple forms and smooth surfaces of graphics give it a universal message. This is a graphical interpretation of the banana theme that matches modern interiors. It gives an universal message.

A wall poster is a great way to make a wall stand out and decorate your interior. In a modern apartment, we should create an atmosphere that emphasizes the prestige of the interior, but also the friendly comfortable space. This can be easily achieved with the help of decorations and interior accessories that will emphasize the style and character of the room. At, we present posters, graphics, photos and paintings that will make the interior unique! All products are created to order. All posters and wall decorations are designed by Polish designers. Live the way you want!

Luxurious decor

The poster for a modern interior Banana Flow is a graphic that fits especially to minimalist Scandinavian interiors, but also works great in boho and retro interiors. The poster catches the eye with pastel colors. It has a bright blue background and purple-mustard banana leaves in the foreground. This graphic is ideally suited to modern interiors. This type of image will fit perfectly in modern interiors. The Banana Flow wall poster with banana leaf motif will highlight any interior design. It will also perfectly blend on one wall with other graphics to form a whole.

Brand Brevka
Composition Paper
Size 21 x 30 cm
Weight 0,8 kg

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